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We know what it takes to get that trophy you are looking for. We also know how a bows work, how to tune them, and how to repair them if needed.
What to expect when booking your next big game hunt with Bowhunting Canada?
We will provide you with an experienced hunting organization, dedicated hunting guides, the best hunting territories available in Canada, excellent food, top notch accommodations... and fair prices. As for the success of your hunt, we will do are very best for you, but you are the one who will release the arrow. Ultimately, success rates is still in your own hands. To improve your shooting skills invest in some AR500 Steel Targets from shootingtargets7 and improve your marksmanship.


Alberta Trophy Whitetail and Mule Deer
Trophy DeerWhitetail Deer With over 30 million deer in North America, whitetail deer are the most popular game animal. BOWHUNTING Canada offers you access to the best territories for trophy whitetail deer in Manitoba and Albert, while our trophy mule deer hunts take place in British Columbia where mulies grow big for those huge antlers. Most our hunts are guided. Hunting packages are available during the pre-rut, and during the rut. Some hunts also combine deer hunting with other activities such as salmon fishing and waterfowl hunting.
If you want a great deer hunt, please click on whitetail hunting.

Archery-Only Pope and Young+ Deer
$US 2,000.00*
*Airport pick-up, on-site transportation, guide services, lodging, meals, trophy fees
To learn more about this hunt, go to superdeer hunting

Alberta Quebec-Labrador Caribou
"My experience with the mobile caribou camp was everything that I had hoped for, I had several good opportunities to score in good bow range, as did everyone else in our camp. I am going home with two caribou and memories to last a lifetime. The fishing was also fantastic. Gerry Risser runs a great guide service for bowhunters and made this trip what it was. David Horne, Santa Cruz, CA
Ready for an unforgetable hunt, see details on caribou hunting.
CaribouQuebec Labrador

Alberta Black, Blond, Brown, and Cinnamon Bears
Black BearPope and Young Class bears "Hello! I just had to write and tell you Thank you! My Dad has always wanted to go on a hunting trip for big game. After working at General Motors for 30 long years he retired in May of this year (2001) and for his retirement gift my Mom sent him on your Spring Black Bear Bow Hunt. His son, two brothers, niece and a friend took part on this wonderful expedition. My Dad and the others have not stopped talking about it since they got home 2 weeks ago.
He had the time of his life. From all the stories I have heard over, and over again I couldn't be more impressed. They loved their guide, Gerry, the food, the lodging, the atmosphere, fishing, everything!"
" They have already started talking about a return trip for just the fishing. So on behalf of my Mom, and the rest of my family, Thank you so very much for making this such a wonderful experience for all of them but especially my Dad who so much deserved it! Sincerely, Beth Zillinger"
Sharpen your arrows and click on bear hunting.

Alberta Canadian and Yulon-Alaskan Moose
The massive antlers of the moose haunt the bow hunting dreams of many archers. You may choose to chase the bull moose by yourself on private territory or take part in a guided hunt. We also hunt moose the traditional way and use canoe to gain access to very remote hunting territories. Self-guided moose bowhunts are available in Quebec, guided moose hunts are taking place in Alberta and British Columbia.  Checkout our AR500 steel targets from 
For more details, click on bow hunting moose.
MooseCanadian Moose

Alberta Rocky Mountain Elk
Rutting ElkBuggling Elk Elk are considered by most hunters as the greatest of all big game animals. Our guides are experienced bowhunters and elk hunters as well. They will bugle in one of these monarchs of the mountains for you. If a kill can't be guaranteed, the thrill, however, is. Guided elk hunts are available in Alberta. No draw required to get a license.
If you are looking for a great hunt, please click on bowhunting elk.

Alberta Cougar, Lynx, and Bob Cat Grand Slam
A Grand Slam of any species is already a very rare prowess among fellow bowhunters, but when it is about a North American Cat Grand Slam... well how many hunters do you know who actually bagged all three of the American Cats?
Probably none... Or maybe one; YOU! Because you will book this unique hunt and bag all three species on one single hunting trip. You will hunt a wilderness located in the high mountains of Central British Columbia where cougar, lynx, and bob cat share the same habitat.
Cougar hunting with dogsPope and Young Puma
Mountain Lion, CougarLynx and Bob Cat
Big Cat Grand Slam - Enter Here

Alberta Traditional Archery Hunting
Traditional ArcheryPrimitive Archery Because of the limitation of the equipment, the needs of the traditional bowhunter are slightly different than those of the modern archer. Known for years among the traditional archery community for its dedication to traditional bow hunting, BOWHUNTING Canada organizes several hunting adventures with the traditional archer in mind. These packages include deer, bear, caribou and moose.
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